Corporate responsibility

At ProstoMICE, we understand the importance of the role we play in creating a more sustainable future for the Earth

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is what makes business move forward today.

ProstoMICE takes corporate social responsibility (CSR) seriously.

We live in an environmentally friendly place and that is why we are committed to a responsible environmental policy in all our work. We believe that it is very important to measure the impact of an event on the environment, and that we should advise our clients on how to minimize this impact.

That is why our Agency does not support the launch of balloons in the sky, and when used for decoration purposes, we track their correct disposal after the event.

We also evaluate our suppliers ‘ environmental policies and support those whose approach to this issue is in line with our own.

We bring the best of CSR ideas to life!

ProstoMICE annually organizes the Sea of life festival of marine animals, which aims to develop the inhabitants of the region, initiate them into the water world of the Pacific ocean and form the values of preserving the unique natural heritage of Kamchatka.

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