Kamchatka is the earth of opening

Travel to Kamchatka cannot be described
When you get to Kamchatka, you clearly realize the power and power of nature, for thousands of years it stores these lands in their original form, protecting them and allowing only honest and brave people to join.
464,3k sq.km

area of the Kamchatka territory

top position

by area of nature reserves
in Russia

317 269 PEOPLE

the population of Kamchatka

90 %

export potential of the region in the fishing industry

14 100

rivers and streams, of which 105 have a length of more than 100 km

more than 150

large thermal outputs sources

  • Kronotsky state natural biosphere reserve
  • Natural Park “Volcanoes of Kamchatka “(cluster sites “Bystrinsky”, “Klyuchevskoy”, “Nalychevo”, ” Yuzhno-Kamchatsky»)
  • The South Kamchatka wildlife name T. I. Shpilenok
90 %

export potential of the region in the fishing industry

14 100

rivers and streams, of which 105 have a length of more than 100 km

more than 150

large thermal outputs sources

  • Kronotsky state natural biosphere reserve
  • The South Kamchatka wildlife name T. I. Shpilenok
  • Natural Park “Volcanoes of Kamchatka “(cluster sites “Bystrinsky”, “Klyuchevskoy”, “Nalychevo”, ” Yuzhno-Kamchatsky»)
THE PEARL OF THE PENINSULA – The valley of geysers

30 active and MORE THAN 300 extinct volcanoes

TOP 10 reasons,
organize a MICE program in Kamchatka

Transport accessibility of the region

Air gate

Yelizovo airport – the main air gate of Kamchatka-is located 25 km from the capital of the region Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (about 30 min. on car).

Here planes land from the regions of Russia:

The summer schedule includes direct flights to Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Yakutsk, Japan (Tokyo, Osaka) and the United States (anchorage, Alaska). Depending on the season, Charter programs with Thailand and Vietnam will also start..

The presence of an international terminal makes it possible to organize a Charter flight to any point in the world.

Sea route

A modern seaport with a border crossing point can accommodate cruise ships up to 300 m long. and a draft of up to 9 m.

Moreover, travel by water is possible only on a tourist cruise ship.

There is no railway connection in the territory of the region.


There are many hotels and Inns for guests of the Peninsula in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and yelizovsky districts.

Hotels located in the Paratunskaya zone and famous for their thermal springs will give you a special impression of visiting Kamchatka.

Hotel complexes in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky

There ar 8 hotels in total.

The total capacity is 750 people.

12 mini-hotels and guest houses with a capacity of 135 people.

Yelizovo City

4 hotels with a capacity of 145 people.

Hotels in Paratunka village
(45 km to Petropavlovsk- Kamchatsky)

A special feature is the presence of thermal pools.

23 recreation centers, capacity – 1,165 people.

Recommend hotels

Hotel "Russo-Balt Severnie Prikluchenia"

Distance: 38 km to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, 7-13 km to the Vityaz-Aero heliport.
  • 4,2 ha. – own territory in the stone-birch forest;
  • 3 pools with thermal water;
  • menu of fresh seafood, wild meat, Kamchatka delicacies and wild plants;
  • 5 hotel rooms;
  • 7 cottages with individual thermal pools.

"Bel-Kam-Tour" Hotel

Distance: 40 km to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Rooms are equipped with electronic keys, automatic fire extinguishing system, mini-bars, telephone, etc.

Number of rooms:

  • 31 standard;
  • 6 standard improved layouts;
  • 2 junior suites with an oval living room;
  • 3 suites with an oval living room;
  • 2-level apartments.

The hotel provides relaxation areas – gazebos, tents (in the summer), equipped barbecue areas, 24-hour pools with thermal water.

Wood & Thermal Hotel complex

The hotel complex is located in the Paratunka zone with the possibility of comfortable accommodation for 20 guests at the same time

On the territory of the complex there are:

  • the main house
  • bath complex
  • house in a hunting style
  • chalet-restaurant
  • tennis court
  • greenhouse with its own vegetables and herbs
  • several outdoor barbecue areas
  • helipad

Recreation center "Lesnaya Polyana"

The recreation center is located in one of the most beautiful places of the Kamchatka Peninsula – in the Paratunka sanatorium-resort zone.

It features:

  • 12 comfortable, well-appointed rooms of three categories (standard, comfort, luxury)
  • 10 two-story cottages,
  • thermal pool with a large terrace for relaxation, with sun loungers.

The base of rest "lesnaya"

The recreation center is located in the Paratunsky sanatorium and resort zone. Distance: 54 km to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

7 two-storey cottages:         3 five-bed,          4 eight-bed

In the cottage:

  • hall
  • bedrooms
  • equipped kitchen
  • music center
  • bathroom, shower.


  • cafe
  • thermal water pools
  • tennis court
  • barbecue at each cottage
  • water park

Recreation center "Golubaya laguna"

Distance: 50 km to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

A country hotel on the shores of Lake Mikizha.
On the territory there is an aquacenter with pools.

You can have a delicious meal in the modern restaurant «Los’&Losos’» with views of the volcano and the lake.

The hotel complex consists of two hotel buildings, cottages, and a campsite.

The hotel complex of the Manor of "Rosinka"

Hotel complex in paratunskaya sanatorium and resort zone.

Distance: 50 km to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

The accommodation in the apartment includes:

  • fireplace room
  • office
  • main bedroom
  • winter garden
  • 2 guest bedrooms
  • cinema room for watching movies
  • sauna
  • billiard room
  • kitchen
  • gym

Local transport

In the Kamchatka territory, the transport infrastructure is represented by water, air and road transport.

In the conditions of limited road infrastructure, helicopter communication is of great importance for Kamchatka: helicopters are widely used for passenger transport within the Peninsula, including for tourist purposes.

Many attractions, such as the Valley of geysers, Kuril lake, are not accessible to vehicles.

On the territory of the Kamchatka territory in the state register are registered

airfields of local air lines

landing pads

Airport small aircraft in the village of Nikolaevka


28 km
from the airport before
24 km
from the airport
to Yelizovo
22 helicopters
air fleet vessels
140 man-hour
ability airport
24 people
maximum capacity
passenger helicopter

At the same time, the Central part of the Peninsula has a fairly high-quality road system.

The region occupies one of the first places in Russia in terms of providing the population with passenger vehicles.

The main public transport is buses. You can take a regular bus or minibus to the nearest towns and villages to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

If we are talking about natural parks, volcanoes and other attractions, then you need to Charter high-traffic cars




the so-called “shifts” for the carriage of passengers.


SUV, all-terrain vehicle or motor boat


Snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle, SUV


Princess and Diamond passenger boats

Local food

Kamchatka is traditionally famous for fish and seafood. In addition, you can try dishes from venison, fern, and cherry.

It is difficult to imagine what the national Kamchatka cuisine is.

History left on the gastronomic map Peninsula dishes of Koryak, Chukchi and Evenk cuisine, the list of which includes dried fish, seal fat and seals, and seasoned them with wild plants and delicious seafood.

The most important Kamchatka gastronomic Souvenirs are sea delicacies. The ocean generously shared its edible treasures with the inhabitants of the Peninsula:

– the most delicate scallops
– fresh squid
– the big shrimp without the extra shell and glazed ice

The main gastronomic brand of the Kamchatka-the famous Kamchatka’s crab – is incredibly huge and just as delicious.

You should definitely try the delicious caviar of sea urchin, which divers catch especially for guests during walks in the water area of Avacha Bay.

Unsurpassed fishermen Itelmen know how best to cook sockeye and silver salmon, siberian salmon and humpback salmon.

And the Queen of red fish is considered a kings salmon (Royal salmon) – it is the largest and fattest among the salmon, besides, it has few bones.

The visiting card of the Peninsula is red caviar and salmon fish.


Kamchatka is a unique Peninsula that is one of the richest territories on the planet in terms of recreational and natural resources.

But the uniqueness of the Peninsula in the fact that Kamchatka has a number of competitive advantages for the development of the MICE industry is the availability of various types of holiday seasonal that allows you to create interesting programs all year round.

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