Volcano Day 2018


ANO KTIC (Autonomous non-profit organization "Kamchatka tourist information center")






Kamchatka, the foot of the Kozelsky volcano

number of visitors:

More than 6000 people


Residents and guests of the Kamchatka territory, top officials of the Kamchatka territory – the Governor, Vice-Governor, head Of the Agency for tourism and external relations of the Kamchatka territory.


The purpose is to organize the work of the following active zones: shopping malls, food courts, children’s town, “city of masters”, a day program on the main stage as part of the holiday “volcano Day 2018”.


  1. Development of the concept and content of the designated areas of responsibility, taking into account:
    1) landscape of the area;
    2) opportunities for installing equipment and props;
    3) the possibility of connecting electricity on the site;
    4) the convenience of the holiday guests ‘ stay on the site.
    Zoning of the site taking into account the specified moments.
  2. Selection of participants in shopping malls and food courts, taking into account the diversity of the assortment and the demand for these groups of products at the event. Assistance in organizing logistics on the route Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-Kozelsky volcano.
  1. Selection of participants of the “city of masters” for thematic master classes and exhibitions of hand-made products.
  2. Development of the “Kozelsky PRO” quest game. Script writing. Selection of props. Training of volunteers. Placement of quest stations on the site.
  3. Selection of contractors for the organization of the children’s camp – trampolines, aquagrim, animation program, active games for children.
  4. Development of regulations on the creative festival “Voshozdenie”. Announcing the festival. Accepting applications for participation. Formation of the competent jury.
  1. Selection of instructors and dance groups to conduct master classes in the framework of the dance marathon.
  2. Organizing the optimal logistics route for equipment and props. Organization of transfer for participants of the event-artists, participants of the city of masters.
  3. Dismantling of equipment, departure from the event venue.


Volcano day is a young and very popular event both among experienced tourists and people who simply prefer trips to nature and active recreation. Taking into account the inaccessibility and remoteness of the event venue, all zoning and distribution of active zones took place remotely.

All the proposed content of activities had to meet the weather and natural conditions.


Forces of the Agency together with ANO KTIC, in a remote place, far from the city, was organized the work of the trade sector and the food court, designed and conducted together with FGKU “Kamchatka SC EMERCOM of Russia” quest for children aged 5-12 years.

The children’s camp has been organized with a trampoline, aquagrim and animation program.

For the first time in the history of Volcano Day, a creative festival “Ascent” and a dance marathon were held.

Logistics of equipment and personnel transfer are organized.

All active zones were set up in an unprepared area with a difficult surface made of volcanic slag.

The zoning was designed so that all areas were easily accessible to the event guests.

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