The opening ceremony of the symbolic sign “Nulevoi kilometr kamchatskogo aviapassajira”




AO "Mezdunarodny aeroport Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky (Yelizovo)"


To prepare and arrange a venue for a business event that meets the standards of the Ceremony.


  1. Development of layouts and production of the design of the stage and venue of the event. Installation and design of the stage complex;
  2. Installation and design of the presentation tent for the layout of the new airport;
  3. Providing the site with power and uninterrupted supply of electricity throughout the event;
  1. Organization of a buffet reception and conditions for its holding VIP guests of the Ceremony and the media;
  2. Selection of a catering partner;
  3. Recruitment specialist selection;
  4. Dismantling the venue.


In an open area on an unprepared site in the absence of stationary power sources, a full-fledged stage complex with appropriate equipment was deployed and its uninterrupted operation was ensured throughout the event.

To organize the buffet table, tents with buffet lines were installed separately for the VIP guests of the ceremony and for the media.

During the preparation of the venue, all possible factors were taken into account:

  • the possibility of bad weather
  • wind load
  • the need for additional flooring throughout the venue.

The level of the event was consistent with the objectives, as well as the scale and significance for the Future of the Kamchatka Territory

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