Festival “More Zhizni” 2019










Residents and guests of the Kamchatka Territory

Number of guests:

more than 10000


Development of the inhabitants of the region, initiation into the water world of the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the formation of values to preserve the unique natural heritage of Kamchatka.

The main theme of the festival in 2019 is “The ban on catching cetaceans.”


  1. Pre preparation and planning. Determining the date, site.
  2. Involvement of public organizations, educational institutions of preschool, school ages and enterprises of the region to participate in the procession of columns.
  3. Develop an event program.
  4. Attracting sponsors and partners of the event.
  5. Development of layouts and production of printed materials (Stage complex, information stands, art objects, large format printing, posters, badges,).
  6. Design and implementation of an advertising company.
    The resources involved are: outdoor advertising, radio, placement of an audio clip in the shopping center of the city, smm, newsletters on social networks.
  7. Organization and installation of a photo exhibition.
  8. Attracting entrepreneurs of the Kamchatka Territory to participate in malls and restaurants.
  9. Event organisation:
    • The recruitment and training of a group of volunteers of 30 people made it possible to ensure a comfortable stay for guests at the event: a lecture hall, art objects, work on the stage, holding giant games, working in a restaurant courtyard, shopping arcades, conducting creative master classes for children.
    • Selection and organization of performances of water sports athletes. Competition
    • Organization of the lecture in a new format. Selection of video material and speakers.
    • Involvement of city entrepreneurs with interactive zones.
    • Creation and installation of new art objects in accordance with the used topic “Ban on catching cetaceans”
    • Selection and organization of master classes for children and adults in accordance with the given theme of the festival.
    • The “Megaraskrask” project was developed and put into reality.
    • A foreign language school with a lounge area and educational games in accordance with the theme of the festival was involved.


  • More than 2,000 people took part in the march of colonies.
  • The annual tradition to start the festival with the procession gained momentum.
  • New art objects appeared.
  • For several months, the inhabitants of the region were involved in preparing for the festival by collecting plastic caps.
  • Unique art objects are developed and embodied in reality.


festival; concept development; event organisation; advertising campaign; media planning; exhibitions; promo staff; design; catering; copyright; smm; equipment rental for events;

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