Cluster development conference «Lyudi dela 2018» (people of business 2018)


october 11-12, 2018


ECC Invest, sh. Severovostochnoe, 27


Small and medium-sized businesses

number of visitors:

70 people



  1. Development of the event concept: selected dates of the event, sites, study of demand among potential participants of the event.
  2. Attracting participants to join the cluster: a call was made to the target audience in order to familiarize people with the benefits of joining the cluster
  3. Program development activities including: analyzing needs of potential participants identified their interests and well-chosen relevant topics, which were subsequently included in the conference program.
  1. Search for speakers, including invited Moscow professionals and representatives of local government agencies: well-chosen topics and speakers experience created a rich and interesting con0ference program.

For invited speakers, an additional household rider has been developed: transfer, selection of rooms, implementation of cultural and entertainment programs, formation of a schedule of individual consultations with business representatives.

  1. Development of the event style: selected corporate style of the event: color scheme, logo, slogan, layouts of presentations, posters, badges, folders of the conference participant (Notepad, program, pen, lanyard).
  1. The development of an advertising campaign to attract participants involved resources media partners: rental of audio clips on radio stations, rental of the video with the announcement of the event on leading TV channels, access to social networks facebook and Instagram, creating a website with a full description of the conference program, cost and terms of participation, with extensive portfolio of speakers and online registration.
  2. Organizing coffee breaks during the conference: catering partners provided food for participants and speakers
  3. Technical supply: the work of the sound and light Director made it possible to provide the conference technically.
  1. Organization of the event on the site: a group of hostesses provided a comfortable stay for participants at the conference: registration area, navigation on the site, work in the hall, assistance in organizing coffee breaks. Zoning of the conference site was performed in accordance with the developed style of the event: registration zone, wardrobe, photo zone, contact exchange zone, coffee break zone and, most importantly, three functional conference rooms for lectures, seminars, strategic sessions and round tables.
  1. Photo support: a team of photo and video correspondents prepared a full report on the conference.
  2. Registration of participants and document management: professional work of the Manager has provided a clear order in the formation of registers of participants, signing contracts and acts, invoicing and accepting payments.


More than 70 CEOs of small and medium-sized businesses attended the cluster development conference.

Participants of the conference gained new experience and knowledge in the format of mini strategic sessions, round tables, seminars, lectures, and some of them received individual advice on business development from leading Russian speakers.

The conference allowed participants to see the advantages of joining the cluster.

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