Beringia 2018


Agency for internal policy of the Kamchatka






Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, V. V. Fatyanov stadium

number of visitors:

More than 14,000 people


Residents and visitors of the Kamchatka territory, mainly families with children, labor collectives of the Kamchatka territory


The purpose is to organize leisure time for the younger generation of “Beringians”. With the help of various active platforms, tell the story of the race, its heroes and difficulties that every young traveler should be prepared for. Promote outdoor winter games among children, youth and their parents.​


  1. Development of the program and timing of the work of two sites: “active town” and “beringiyskoe shapito”, distribution of activities by venue.

The “Active town” site hosted the “sledge Parade” and “Big Beringian games” competitions, as well as the “school of young kayur” quest stations and the “Wish Tree”art object.

At the Beringiyskoe shapito site, booths for the race winner’s dogs were displayed, made at the expense of leading commercial organizations in Kamchatka, there are stations of the quest “school of young kayur”, trampolines and a steam train for children, animation programs were held, a nitcomob and a flashmob “Beringiysky boomwalkers”, art objects “school of young kayur” and “route of Beringiya”.

So on the Playground, “Beringian Bratstvo” was organized beverages and hot meals for guests of the event.

  1. Development of the event program, taking into account the needs of the target audience (families with children). Selection of animation programs for the event. Selection of artists to perform.
  2. Development and production of printing and event design elements and decorations.
  3. Development of regulations on the “Sledge Parade” competition, dissemination of information among the population, educational institutions, pre-school and additional education institutions. Search for and attract sponsors to form the prize Fund. Invitation of competent judges of the competition.
  1. Development of regulations for the “Great Beringian games” competition. Dissemination of information about the competition among enterprises of the Kamchatka territory. Development of competition stages, preparation of props.
  2. Development of the concept of the social project “house for Huskies”. Search for and attract sponsors for the production of dog boxes for the winner of the race. Development of booth layouts and manufacturing. Design of booth displays at the event site.
  3. Development of the stages of the quest “School of young kayur”. Selection of props and design of quest stations. Determining station locations on the site. Development of the diploma-map of the quest.
  1. Development and production of photo zones and art objects — “school of young kayur”, “route of Beringia”, “Tree of Wishes”.
  2. Script writing and preparation of props for holding nitcomob “Beringian canvas”. Selection of repertoire for carrying out fleshmoba “the Land of boomwackers”.
  3. Attracting trade representatives to organize sales of beverages and hot meals during the event.
  1. Development of points for heating in the form of barrels. Each of the barrels was heated with firewood, and a structure made of rods was provided on top for the safety of the event’s guests.
  2. Training of volunteers to work on the site: distribution of areas of responsibility, writing scripts. More than 60 volunteers were trained to help organize and conduct the event.they were instructed and were responsible for the zones and activities entrusted to them.
    A shift for heating and a power point were prepared for the volunteers.


Rich entertainment program throughout the event. The site featured unique objects made exclusively for this event — barrels for heating.

For the first time, such competitions and projects as the “Great Beringian games” and “house for Huskies”were held. Unique flash mobs “nitcomob” and “the land of boomwackers”.

A large number of art objects and activities for children and adults.


An entertainment program is organized for those who came to the opening of the traditional dog sled race “Beringia-2018” with children. During the program, children of all ages could find entertainment for themselves, starting from trampolining and games with animators, ending with the passage of an exciting quest “School of young kayur”.

The results of the “sledge Parade” competition were summed up, where the artistic design, originality and functionality of sledges from 17 participants of the competition were evaluated.

At the Agency’s initiative, husky booths were made at the expense of leading commercial organizations, which were transferred to the kennel of the winner of the Beringia 2018 race, Valentin Levkovsky.

For the first time in the history of Beringia, a sports competition of labor collectives “Great Beringian games”was held. 10 teams from leading enterprises of the Kamchatka territory took part in the games.

For the first time, a “nitcomob”, “Beringian canvas” was held, designed to unite all the guests of the holiday.

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