Business ball “Predprenimatel goda 2018” (Entrepreneur of the year 2018)



A Business ball was held in the cafe “Boulevard Hall”, where the results of the competition for young entrepreneurs were summed up.

  • Development of Internet sites,
  • confectionery business,
  • school of Oriental languages and calligraphy,
  • Barbershop,
  • Atelier school,
  • Studio of pop and modern dance;
  • other business projects were also presented at this competition.

PROSTO Agency is the operator of this competition for the second year.

We have done a lot of work, from developing the design and announcing it in the media to installing photo zones and selecting artists.

We can say with confidence that it was a real holiday for Young entrepreneurs who were able to feel the importance of their work and support for their activities.

The contest is held in Kamchatka for the sixth time with the support of the government of the Kamchatka Territory and the Youth government.

We wish all young entrepreneurs to develop their business, achieve success and do not stop there!

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